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Until at the age of 7, an event happened that she declares, "the most important day I remember in all my life. In one passage, Keller writes of the day "Teacher" led her to a stream and repeatedly spelled out the letters w-a-t-e-r on one of her hands while pouring water over the other. I am reminded in this particular section of the narrative about the great difficulties my profoundly deaf sister faced in learning not only the sign and label of an object, but the many different concepts it included as well.

These precious edifications about the differences in a? These lessons were taught to Helen at every available opportunity. I don't think any of us can ever truly grasp what Keller accomplished, with Sullivan's help, since we have no way of truly knowing what it is to be both blind and deaf. I often used of her most powerful essays with my students. Not much is going on in this thread, perhaps because people feel they "know" her story. This essay shows me Helen in a way that never fails to touch my heart. It's really worth the short time it takes to read imho.

Helen Keller Essay

That essay is very touching Julia. And yes, I'm reading Helen Keller right now. I thought no one is talking yet because we don't want to spoil for those who may be behind? I'm still early in the book but I already feel like wondering about something Mar 12, PM.

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Good point, Lext--she's such an inspiration Seeing the pictures remind me of something. On the cover of the book I have the same one listed in our group page there's a photo of a blind lady. Does anyone know if that's actually Helen Keller herself or just cover art? I know covers usually only illustrate, but in this case if they take a non-blind person to illustrate a blind person then it's kind of distasteful.

But if they use a blind person's likeness then I think they might as well use her own likeness. So my guess is that it's actually her photo, but I'm not sure. It's an actual photo, Lext:. Mar 14, AM. I agree with Lext that maybe people aren't adding to the thread yet because they either don't want to spoil it for others or maybe because some readers, like me, take time to put their thoughts into a coherent form! What struck me the most was what extraordinary individuals both Keller and Sullivan were, and how the combination of the two was even more extraordinary. The fact that Hellen went on to also master German and French and was able to express abstract thoughts in all three is just remarkable.

It is a testament not only to Hellen's intelligence but also to her determination to live life to its fullest, no matter how huge the obstacles.

What an example! Mar 14, PM. Alicia wrote: "I agree with Lext that maybe people aren't adding to the thread yet because they either don't want to spoil it for others or maybe because some readers, like me, take time to put their thoughts int I know I had one about Helen Keller assigned in the fifth or sixth grade. I agree that it's incredible how well-read Keller was, given the time period. These days there's a lot of technology for rendering text in braille or similar but back then she had to struggle to get each volume. I really enjoyed Julia's essay. If more of the book had been written in that fashion, I think I would have liked it a bit more.

Mar 18, PM. OK, now that everyone has had the chance to read at least the first few pages, let me ask what's been bothering me soon after I started this book : In the beginning when describing her world, Ms Keller sometimes describes memory she had prior to her becoming blind.

The Life Story Of Helen Keller English Literature Essay

How is it possible? I have never heard of anyone retaining memory at that age. It must be conjecture of what she thinks is the memory, right? I mean, even if she vaguely remembers a bright light or a color, how could you have the connection that that color is the color green? She sometimes describes color in vivid details black as ebony, golden curls, green leaves, etc and I'm not sure how that's possible.

Could a month old baby know what ebony is, what golden curls mean? If not, it has to be something she reads about, and then imagine in her mind what it must look like, right? I'm not trying to lessen the impact of her writing, but I just want to make sense. Sometimes she describes things she does rather effortlessly, and yet I know how difficult it must be if you're blind. She never even mentions using a cane, or about falling.

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Instead she just does things the same way you and I would do it: go here, go there, climb this, climb that. It feels a bit surreal. Last thing is how could she know about the scale of things.

At one point she talked about the majestic mimosa tree, and I don't know how you can tell how big or majestic the tree looks if you're blind, since you can't possibly touch all the branches around it. It's probably majestic, I just wish I get more insight on how she can say how big is it whether she "hears" the wind blowing through, or someone tell her, or she's spent her days and years touching its trunks and branches and climbing on it etc.

Does anyone feel the same way? Lext wrote: "Does anyone feel the same way? I think you're noticing the same things I noticed - see message 2. I think there's a core difference in how we regard disability today vs how society regarded it a hundred years ago. I think back then it was much more common to hide disabilities. My interpretation according to the little history I know is that back then being disabled in any way meant that you or your opinions were worth less - that you were inferior in some fashion to everyone else.

I'm sure part of those descriptions come from her companions Sullivan, etc and other parts just from the sheer amount of reading that shes done that lets her fill in the gaps and imagine what things are like.

I did see your message Melanti, but I didn't think it's related until you told me. Then I went back to inspect it more closely under the microscope and, yeah, I see your point now. I think mine is more a first-hand observation, and yours is like the profound version of what it possibly means : Yep, I think I'd agree with you that there are descriptions where it's more likely what she was told or what she read about rather than her own personal experience.

She does have a pretty good and vivid imagination though, many of her paragraph are pretty descriptive and expressive by a normal person standard, let alone a blind one. As for why, I don't know. Maybe you're right, or maybe she just wants to describe it that way. My guess is a bit of both: not that she consciously felt an urge or pressure to write like that, but it's subconsciously what society and literature have conditioned her, and she just write that way without even knowing there's any other way to write.

The Story of My Life

Keller At the age of 19 month little Helen was caught by a fever which caused her to be deaf and blind. Helen soon showed that she is capable and learned quickly. Primarily her teacher was Ms.

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Anne Sullivan. First word she learned was doll. At the age of ten Helen had mastered Braille as well as the manual alphabet and even learned to use the typewriter.

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When she realized what water means she rejoiced. Sullivan used cardboard slips having raised letters to teach her words. In Helen starred in a movie on her life. But it was a failure financially. But that movie led to a Vaudeville tour for four years. October, her dearest friend, her teacher died. During the second world war she visited disabled soldiers. Helen retires from public life In October Helen suffered the first of a series of strokes, and her public life was to draw to a close. Let us create the best one for you! What is your topic?

helen keller essay story my life Helen keller essay story my life
helen keller essay story my life Helen keller essay story my life
helen keller essay story my life Helen keller essay story my life
helen keller essay story my life Helen keller essay story my life
helen keller essay story my life Helen keller essay story my life

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