Difficulties of being a teenager essay

Causes of Teenage Depression

Teenagers want to do things that will make them be recognized like funny dressings, then it becomes difficult to match their expectation and the expectations of the family members or society.

Seven Reasons Why Being a Teenager Is the Worst

Moreover, teenagers experience bullying in their teenage. Fellow teenagers sometimes are cruel. Most teenagers face hardest time during schooling where bullying is exercised. Bullying is so traumatic and very few teenagers escape it. Peer pressure forces teenagers to conform to standards and hobbies which makes teenage life hardest Kazan kaya, Lastly, teenagers lack independence and privacy. They are told to act more mature but at the same time, they are treated like kids. Teenagers lack privacy and do not enjoy their independence.

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Although being teenager has some difficulties, it also has the best part. First teenagers have more freedom than responsibilities.

Common Teenage Problems Essay

They have the freedom to manage their social lives entertain themselves using evolving technology. They also treated as young adults and they are in charge of their own actions. They can drive a car, can go to Saturday night and following day have no responsibility.

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If they happen to have the job they can spend the money in whatever they want. Again, teenagers have all their energy and opportunity of becoming what they want Kazan kaya, They are the young people with power and ability to change their future or destiny. Lastly, they experience the life of not knowing where they will be in future. This makes them try different things, be able to take risks and remain open-minded without worrying about the future plan. Teenagers should understand that teenage stage is just path of passage.

They should accept the changes and difficulties they pass through and use the opportunities that they have so as to develop good future and have a happy life in their adulthood. Kazan kaya, V. Difficulties of Growing Up. Harrison, Sandi.

Surviving Adolescence | Difficulties for Young People | Patient

Since I was in grade-school, I loved science, and I also loved mechanics. I have excelled in physics and computer studies. The idea of making a robot or a machine to help out in a company's operation or to help…. At times I wish the world would be color blind, not in the sense that would take the color of the world away but in the manner that the color of the skin will not be a color anymore.

Reincarnation2ReincarnationName:Institution:Course:Tutor:Date It was one great evening as we sat around a table together with our family. Questions were lingering upon me as mediated a Hindu believe of reincarnation, and the red dot which always appeared on my mum. This paper…. Admission Essay. What is the hardest part of being a teenager now? Teenagers are well-known for their sudden mood swings, reckless behavior, and rapid changes in emotions, all of which are often typical features of adolescence and generally attributed to what most call as raging hormones.

However, it is important to note that these signs and symptoms, when more prominent, disruptive, and longer-lasting. Teenagers tend to close themselves off when they find out they are pregnant. Teenagers can not predict what life will be like with a new baby. They will go through several different emotions, exhaustion, and peer pressure-related stress.

Teenage mothers are more likely to have lower school achievement and often drop out of school and develop health problems and also face unemployment as young adult. By not finishing high school this will offer more difficulties in early parenthood. All these voices were repeating over and over in my head. Why was I here?

Are these people really my friends if they are really doing this to me? I knew in my heart it was wrong but I gave in.

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This is usually the typical outcome of a scene like this. It is called peer pressure. It can be seen in many different places. In this essay I am …show more content…. If you are caught, you might be in real trouble. If you are found in possession of more than a small quantity, you risk more serious charges of dealing. Another factor that teenagers are faced with and usually try to avoid is crime. After some research I found that 90 per-cent of these involve breaking into buildings, theft of property or other vandalism. Most people get involved in crimes such as shoplifting, joyriding, vandalism or arson just for the thrill of getting away with it.

Usually these crimes are committed without thought or planning, and repeated only occasionally for a period of a few months, until the excitement begins to wear off.

Best and Hardest Part of Being a Teenager

For some teenagers shoplifting or stealing cars begins as a bit of fun but it can get out of hand and crime can become a habit. In girls accounted for only one crime in eleven.

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Friends often encourage each other to go much further than anyone would alone; when you are in a crowd, it is easier to get carried away. Breaking the law might be common amongst teenagers, but it is certainly not without risk. People get caught! If you do commit. Show More. Read More. Popular Essays. Open Document.

difficulties of being a teenager essay Difficulties of being a teenager essay
difficulties of being a teenager essay Difficulties of being a teenager essay
difficulties of being a teenager essay Difficulties of being a teenager essay
difficulties of being a teenager essay Difficulties of being a teenager essay
difficulties of being a teenager essay Difficulties of being a teenager essay
difficulties of being a teenager essay Difficulties of being a teenager essay

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