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Water pollution is responsible for causing many waterborne diseases like cholera and dysentery. The biggest problem with these infections is that they spread quickly, usually affecting people who drink water from a contaminated source. Water pollution also greatly affects sea animals as it contains toxic chemicals.

If you studying ecology, you may be required to describe the main water pollutants and their effects on environment. The structure of a water pollution essay has to contain an introduction, a main body, and conclusion. Use one of our sample papers as an example for you to achieve the best results on essays on water pollution. Water pollution as a global environmental problem Water pollution is an important factor that is playing a role in effecting and destroying the health and lives of many people.

People always ignore this fact and is given no importance. As it is a an important problem I choose this topic. One of Environment problems Water Pollution 3 Pages. Water Pollution 4 Pages.

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Environment problems Water Pollution 2 Pages. Let us find out about each of the pollution types, their causes and how they can be stopped. Air pollution is the act of emitting polluting various foreign materials like industrial wastes, automobile emissions, and harmful particulate materials into the air which makes it unfit for breathing or sustaining living beings. Air pollution is the worst and most fatal forms of environmental pollution. The air pollution arises due to the introduction of harmful chemicals in the air.

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Both natural process and human activities are responsible for causing air pollution. Considering the human-made sources of pollution, these include burning of different types of fuels, fumes from sprays and paints, deposition of waste cause methane and military resources such as toxic gases and nuclear weapons are some sources of human-made air pollution. The natural sources of air pollution include dust from areas that have less or no vegetation, carbon monoxide and smoke emerged out of wildfires, volcanic activities producing chlorine, sulphur and ash particles and much more.

Pollution can be controlled up to a certain level, and it is very important to do so.

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We need to take decisions to control wastes, perform waste treatment and consider various technical factors to evade various forms of pollution. Considering air pollution, some of the popular ways to evade air pollution are:. Since there are a huge number of vehicles on the road today, it has led to the emergence of a lot of smoke and disbursal of harmful toxins that are very bad for the body. They cause contamination of air, which we breathe and fall sick. Thus, it is important to use less of vehicles on the road.

How would you travel then?

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  • Essay on Water Pollution in India | Types | Pollution | Environment!
  • Use public transport. Since the public transportation is such that it can carry more number of people than normal two and four wheelers can do, it is preferable to use public transport. In the metro cities, the development of metro has massively helped people travel without using their own vehicles. The metros have a capacity to carry over people at a time. People generally prefer burning out the organic waste. Instead, consider decomposing it.

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    The matter will turn out to be an organic manure that can be used heavily for agricultural purposes. On the other hand, burning of waste leads to air pollution. Plastic is one of the major sources of air pollution when burnt. The plastic is so harmful when burnt that the smoke it releases is infected with cancer leading particles. When we breathe in this air, we are more prone to deadly diseases. Noise pollution is the deliberate act of introducing higher levels of sound that may have harmful psychological or physical effects on living beings. All living beings can tolerate and thrive well in sound level of 70dB but a sound level of 85dB like busy roads, workshops etc for more than 8 hours a day can result in serious health problems.

    The disturbance caused due to noise which leads to harmful consequences on humans and animals is caused noise pollution. Some of the primary sources of this pollution are the machines, transportation, trains, motor vehicles, etc. If the industrial and the residential areas lie side by side, they bring a huge impact on the people such as hearing loss or coronary artery diseases.

    In animals, the noise pollution holds a tendency to cause them death. It is thus very important to have an urban planning since most of the noise pollution is from the urban areas. The development of industries, residential areas, hospitals should maintain enough distance in order to avoid the adverse effects of the noise. Noise pollution commonly emerges from industries, factories, railways and airports. The best way to get free of noise pollution and save your health is to stay away from industrial areas, railway lines and airports.

    Try to locate yourself in residential places that are calm and peaceful. Generally, these residential areas are built away from these noise-making places. Make sure you stay in one of them. This will broadly help in evading noise pollution. Make sure you are making a minimal use of the horns near hospitals. One should understand that hospitals are full of patients. It might be really disturbing for the people inside.

    Water pollution

    Thus, avoid making unnecessary noise near hospitals and residential areas. Water pollution is defined as the deliberate act of introducing harmful materials into the water like urban sewage, industrial waste waters, oil spills etc. Another indirect source of water pollution is soil pollution. When we pollute the soil with fertilizers and pesticides, these accumulate in rain water and flow to the rivers and seas. Which then makes the water polluted. The water pollution is caused when the impurities are added to the water bodies such as rivers, oceans, lakes, groundwater, etc.

    It causes environmental degradation.

    Essay on Water Pollution in India | Types | Pollution | Environment

    Water pollution is generally due to the discharge of the contaminated stuff without treatment into water bodies that releases harmful components in the water. It damages the biological life in the water at large.

    Moreover, the humans and animals, both are affected due to non-availability of fresh water. The major causes of the pollution include pathogens, chemicals and toxins released from the factories and otherwise. Huge industrialization and urbanization have led to widespread water pollution. In order to get rid of water pollution, it is imperative to evade the contamination of water bodies. Majorly, it is the industries from where the contaminated substances emerge out and get into the water bodies.

    It is essential that proper treatment with the waste is performed before getting them added to the water. Also, we should ourselves take steps not to implement any of the unnecessary activities in the water bodies such as throwing garbage or disposing of wrong content. Moreover, do not waste water.

    water pollution essay for class 3 Water pollution essay for class 3
    water pollution essay for class 3 Water pollution essay for class 3
    water pollution essay for class 3 Water pollution essay for class 3
    water pollution essay for class 3 Water pollution essay for class 3
    water pollution essay for class 3 Water pollution essay for class 3

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