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Clicking allows to lock tags and explore their semantic context further, without losing focus. Elastic tag lists apply the same principle as the elastic tag maps, but only in one dimension. Click the list tab in the demo. Classical tag clouds fail to show how topics appear and disappear over time. What is in between a list and a linear time plot? A comparison of approaches to visualizing temporal rhythms in web feeds.

Grounding time visualization in personal experience, and picking up the mash—up idea, a visualization of hourly webcam shots, along with his del. How do individuals use tags — compared to the community? Do you use private language or are you a mainstream tagger? Click any number of list entries to query the database for a combination of the selected attributes. A tool for browsing tag structures based on facets is currently developed.

Markus Strohmaier

At the moment, it is a semi—functional prototype. It is based on the observation, that some users create typed tags already, by using syntactic delimiters, such as colons or slashes e.

Tagging and Social Bookmarking

Accordingly, the application imports existing tag collections in the given example, del. The navigation principle follows the elastic list principle as introduced above. A novel feed reader combining the presented principles in a desktop application. Every metadata value such as author, date, feed, tag has an intrinsic temporal dimension and is activated or collapsed according to the current selection context. Conceptually, every metadata value or action in the application is treated as a feed or tag, respectively , which are in turn grouped in facets.

Screenshots: Initial view Hot links Tagging Search.

Further aspects of the conceptual model, visualization and interaction principles are described in my thesis. Echt klasse — sehr inspirierend und lesenswert. I updated some of the links, added the blog references and especially: uploaded the Konduit demo and shots!

Hopefully, I will find the time to blog about it soon….

"Music Social Tagging as a Validation Tool for the FRBR Conceptual Mode" by Kabel Nathan Stanwicks

Although the competition was not […]. Are you available for some freelance work? We are in the litigation support business and have new software that is all about tags. This is a great thesis. Please contact me if you would like to turn it into a short documentary we are accepting thesis project abstracts now. Thank you! Belleza, una extraordinaria tesis, con herramientas que sin duda pueden sobresaltar datos y creatividad. Un fuerte abrazo. Organizational culture is a system of shared values and beliefs that. Zoek naar data base op de nieuwe KensaQ.

1. How Does Social Bookmarking benefit Web Users?

Guidelines, Templates. The first line of your title page is going to be your header.

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How Social Tagging can improve Digitized Cultural Heritage

Zoek direct binnen 1. Recommended Citation. Check back occasionally for updates. Ruime Keuze Hotels Wereldwijd.

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Master thesis social tagging

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