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The Indian polity became a mix of the unitary and federal forms of government. In addition to fundamental rights, the Constitution made special provisions for the oppressed castes and tribes by listing them in a Schedule and thus designating them as scheduled castes SCs and scheduled tribes STs. But the new leadership of independent India discarded this colonial practice. This was to ensure that communalism would be contained. However, the history of the country since independence has been witness to several communal riots and the growth of political parties along religious lines.

Even the so-called secular parties contributed — perhaps unintentionally — to the prevailing communal hiatus. In their enthusiasm to protect the minority groups, the secular parties became in fact promoters of communal interests in the hope of creating vote-banks. It led to a reaction amongst the majority group of Hindus.

These non-political organizations lent their support to the Bharatiya Jan Sangh in the early days of independence, and later to its successor, the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP. The Indian polity in reality, and not as seen in constitutional terms, is characterized by a mix of tradition and modernity.

It is not the ideology, but the personality factors, that have led to the formation and dissolution of parties. Review of party manifestos issued during elections and the Common Minimum Programmes CMPs adopted by successive coalition governments suggests that there was little ideological distance between parties.

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Political distance is maintained despite ideological proximity. The actually existing political structure has departed from the ideal as perceived by the founding fathers of our Constitution. Several amendments made to the Constitution tell that story, but only partially. There is nothing unusual in this. All living societies continually change in response to the emerging new demands and by the behavior of its members in their different statuses and role relationships. In the earlier phases, there were pressures from the rulers of princely states and owners of feudal estates seeking redefined roles as leaders in a functioning democracy.

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They entered politics by joining either the ruling Congress Party or the newly created Bharatiya Jan Sangh and the Swatantra Party now defunct. The vote politics that requires numbers led the ruling party and the dissident groups within it, as well as the parties in the opposition, to create vote-banks by invoking caste sentiments.

Caste entered politics in the sense that there was, and is, politicization of caste. If some political parties tried to woo the voters from a particular caste — Lodhis or Rajputs, or Brahmins others tried to woo the minority groups. One also notices a strange pattern of bringing together Muslims and the Hindu community of Yadavs, and other so-called Dalits. While this grouping is based on sectarian considerations, it is called secular.

But a coalition of castes from the Hindu and Jain and Sikh groups is decried as anti-secular. In this process, words like secular and secularism have lost their originally intended meaning. All parties realize that no community or group can be neglected if one were to muster political support.

The secular parties cannot afford to neglect the Hindu vote, and the parties that are called anti-secular also have representatives of communities other than the Hindu. All parties, barring religion based organizations, claim to be secular. Indian politics is characterized by an absence of ideology.

Essay on India after Independence

Only lip service is paid to ideology. Parties are dominated by personalities.

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Even the group of Marxists is divided into several parties. The Congress party started as a movement that was joined by people from all sections; its sole aim was to oust the British and establish Swaraj. After the attainment of that aim, Mahatma Gandhi proposed dissolution of the Congress, but it was shot down. The euphoria of independence was so overwhelming, and the leaders of the movement so respected by the common man, that the Congress party appeared to be the natural heir to the throne.

Indian Independence

Leaders defecting from the Congress party formed most other parties later. Students of democracy know that its proper functioning requires an opposition. In the United States, for example, there are two parties — Democratic and Republican — between whom power alternates. Carved out of surrounding rocks, the subcontinent looks mesmerising on the map in its diamond shape with multiple states and some nneighboringnations like Pakistan, China and Sri Lanka to name a few. You can also see other countries that are neighbours of India on the Indian. British Imperialism in India Indian Independence The first war of Indian independence, also known as the Indian Rebellion, was not the first challenge to British authority, but it was the first to feature widespread coordination with increased levels of intensity.

It began with discontent within the sepoy army. Initially, the soldiers were well-paid to keep their loyalty, but the EIC failed to increase pay to match the inflation rate. Moreover, they received the impression that the Company. This means that I will be analyzing the complete territory of India that was present during that time period.

There are several reasons I am focusing in on this time period. First I will be researching about the independence movement which eventually led to the Indian Independence Act of and then see how that leads to the partition of India. This specific time period.

Essay on India After Independence

India had fought alongside their British rulers during World War I in hopes it would gain them independence, however this hope was not fulfilled and the Indian colony began to rebel with nationalist movements. Britain still kept an iron grip on India during the numerous nationalist movements. India is rich in natural resources and labor which has helped India progress after attaining independence from British rule in The purpose of this research paper is to trace the Indian economy after independence.

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India is the largest democracy in the world with a stable democratic government. Recently, India has elected a new prime minister, Narendra Modi who took office in the year India Today. Corruption, poor infrastructure, and economic shortages are a drag on development, but with lower global oil prices, the economy has been sustaining a growth rate of about 7 percent.

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Yahoo furthermore, Modi has opened the defense and insurance sectors to private investment as well making the government forces stronger and advancer. However, the inconsistent policies make it harder for the nation to progress economically as well as politically. This paper will analyze the current growth in the economy of India and the outlook for the nation in the longer term. The Indian economy has been a journey of evolution starting form agriculture and farming to heavy industrialization and transportation.

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development india after independence essays Development india after independence essays
development india after independence essays Development india after independence essays
development india after independence essays Development india after independence essays
development india after independence essays Development india after independence essays
development india after independence essays Development india after independence essays
development india after independence essays Development india after independence essays
development india after independence essays Development india after independence essays
development india after independence essays Development india after independence essays
Development india after independence essays

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