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Their marketing campaign was accepted through the world aimed at different markets. This ensured success, however the main problem now is that there are too many visitors in Barcelona. However, the increase in tourist has a negative social impact on the city and many local feel that the social impacts outweigh the financial benefits of tourism. McClain, Strategic marketing planning is a proactive attempt to shape a positive future by establishing a meaningful and accurate position in the minds of the target market Pike, When developing a strategic marketing plan, the first step is the situation analysis, which consists of several methods of analysis, one of which is a SWOT analysis or matrix Appendix..

Barcelona, Spain

Then there is the environmental scanning which analysis the key issues, trends and drivers that affect tourism using STEEPL analysis tool. Then there is the strategy formulation, followed by the marketing positioning and defining the marketing mix. Finally, there will be the implementation and monitoring phase. The most common method of monitoring visitor metrics is visitor monitor programs.

The most recent publications states that in , the total number of tourists in Barcelona is 8,,, a 6. Worldwide leading tourist destination, aims to become a benchmark in responsible and sustainable tourism. The recommended strategy for Barcelona is a de-marketing strategy, Beeton argued that to achieve greater management efficiency and sustainability, de-marketing strategies have to be incorporated into the marketing mix.

Venice is a good example of a destination that implemented de-marketing strategies by introducing premium pricing and negative advertising to reduce mass tourism Pike, The sudden growth in the industry is attributed by the weak Euro, attracting more tourisits. This tourist tax is a de-marketing strategy that is recommended and will restrict tourist numbers. Another de-marketing strategy currently in place is a moratorium on licenses for rentals like Airbnbs and restrictions on building new hotels rooms building new hotels in the efforts of restrict tourist numbers LaGrave, Destinations are made up of both tangible and intangible assets Qu in Schaar, The tangible assets include geographical features and the intangible assets include culture, customs, and history.

Essay about The Effect Of Tourism On Regional Spain

Barcelona is an urban territory in Catalan that offer experiences all year round with a strong modern, cosmopolitan component. According to a report on Mintel all-inclusive package holiday growth has surpassed far independently booked holidays over the past holidays. This encourages mass tourism and that is the last thing Barcelona need going forwards. It is recommended to increase prices of package holidays or reduce the package holidays and introduced more high end products to target high spending target groups and brands and international markets.

Another strategy is to promote niche tourism and increase daily expenditure per tourist. The recommended promotional mix for Barcelona include advertising, personal selling, direct marketing and public relations. Websites are relatively cheap and do not draw an excessive amount to customers. Which works well into the demarking strategy. Social media is cheaper, almost free and can reach a wider range of customers.

It allows interpersonal communication to broadcasting, and if the chosen destination message is funny, controversial or information that people want to share then there is a chance it will go viral and spreads on the web through sharing. As a result, their tourist numbers have increased to the point of excessive.

The marketing strategy recommended for Barcelona is a de-marketing strategy which should be incorporated into the marketing mix to achieve greater tourist management efficiency and sustainability. Ajuntament de Barcelona, Catalonia in figures, Barcelona in figures, surface, population, inhabitants. City of Barcelona Strategic Tourism plan — Diagnosis and strategic proposal.

Barcelona Turisme BCN. BBC News. Catalonia profile — BBC News. Beeton, S. Demand control: The case for demarketing as a visitor and environmental management tool. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Vol. Buhalis, D. Butler R. The concept of a tourist area cycle of evolution: Implications for management of resources.

Canadian Geographer, 24 1 , 5 — Choe, Y. Measuring Destination Marketing. Journal of Travel Research , 56 2 , pp. Cooper, C.

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Harlow, England [u. Professionals Turisme de Barcelona. Visit Barcelona Facebook. Fox News. Barcelona aims to limit tourism with visitor cap law. Fyall, A. Marketing in Travel and Tourism. Elsevier Science Limited. Ho, G. Kozak, N. Kozak, pp. Horwath HTL, Special Market Reports. Issue 42 — Barcelona. Johnson, G.

Exploring Spain (Photo Essay)

Harlow: Pearson Education. Kotler, P. Principles of marketing. Marketing management. Upper Saddle River, N. LaGrave, K. McClain, J. Barcelona Overwhelmed by the Growing Tourist Numbers. Middleton, V. Marketing in travel and tourism. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Oxford: Elsevier. Oxford: Heinemann Professional Publishers. Mill, R.

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The Tourism System. Morgan, N. Destination brands.

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Pike, S. Destination Marketing Organizations and destination marketing: A narrative analysis of the literature. Tourism Management. Plog, S. Why destination areas rise and fall in popularity. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 14 4 , Richard Moor, R. Ritchie, J. Our customer service works on quality of every essay. It is not only a capital of Catalonia, it is also a beautiful town. Here are so many places to visit. Restaurants in Spain.

They are just amazing. Some of them were acknowledged as the best in the world. Besides, this country has the oldest restaurant in the whole world which still invites and welcomes people. The atmosphere in this restaurant is always nice and the style is very cozy. People say that here one can try the best food in Spain.

This is the most traditional place in Madrid. Las Fallas. This is one of the brightest holidays in Spain. It is the celebration of fire. Traditionally it takes place in March. In Valencia people do their best to enjoy this day. However, it is also celebrated in the neighborhood. Visit Ice Bar in Spain. It is the only in its own way in the world. It is located at the beach El Somorrostro. The interior is impressive. It is made of ice. The temperature inside goes between -2 and degrees. Ronda City. This is the city with houses between rocks. The town is one of the oldest on the earth. The most shocking fact is that Ronda stands on rocky plateau which are divided by giant gorges.

Magical Faucets.

These are fountains in the shape of faucets which literally hang up in the air. They are results of the work of French sculpture. Actually, it is not difficult to figure out how it works. Do you have an essay on sculptures or interesting buildings? We can make a review of your work. Dali Theater-Museum.

Probably everyone in the world has heard about Dali. The biggest collection of his works are located in this museum. It is opened since Zip Line from Spain to Portugal gives a limited and unique opportunity to cross the border in the air in such an interesting way. Indeed, this suggestion is unique. No one country in the world can boast of such a chance. It is so surprising that this meal can be found only here. It is healthy, by the way. The Mezquita Cathedral in Spain. This temple belongs to the oldest in the world.

This is the national and world inheritance which is alive till nowadays. The Only Desert in Europe. One can find exactly in Spain. Desierto de Tabernas is a national park since This desert is similar to American ones. For these reasons, it was used as a location for many Hollywood western movies. If you have written a work on Hollywood industry, we are the website that revises essays for you. Dessert Restaurant in Barcelona. This idea makes all visitors happy. Besides, one can not only dine here but also learn how to cook. This dance is so emotional.

Analysis Of Vicky Cristina Barcelona ( Woody Allen

It has many disciples and followers all over the world. However, it is always interesting to see how Spaniards understand and deliver the message of this dance. Spain is the only country in the world where one can order a drink and receive it with a meal. This fact speaks about big generosity of Spaniards. Spain is the country where genius people were born.

One of them was Picasso. Visit the house where the artist was born. It is a mind-blowing event for his fans and all artist lovers. Buy paper about famous artists online here.

tourism in spain essay Tourism in spain essay
tourism in spain essay Tourism in spain essay
tourism in spain essay Tourism in spain essay
tourism in spain essay Tourism in spain essay
tourism in spain essay Tourism in spain essay
tourism in spain essay Tourism in spain essay
tourism in spain essay Tourism in spain essay
tourism in spain essay Tourism in spain essay
Tourism in spain essay

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