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In my opinion the 90's comes out on top as a better time to grow up in. The technology of the 90's was much more simpler and not as relied upon as in the s.

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Cell phones were introduced in the 90's and were very big and clunky, only a few percent of people used them so you wouldn't see people glued to their phones. Does it mean washing your car, paying your bills, getting a job? Does it mean getting married, having kids, and sprouting gray hair? Is it necessary?

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Is everyone capable of it? Is it going to be hard and will it be worth the effort?

All of these questions are probably what made Peter Pan decide to never leave Neverland. Growing up means a lot of different things to many different people. Growing up as a child, I would spend my summer break in Greensboro, North Carolina with my grandparents. It was a given that I loved my grandparents, but over time I grew to admire them.

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The struggles that they had endured during their growing up somewhat inspired me to what to do something meaningful with my life. Sometimes, my grandmother would. The majority of the time the issue is really something that is very small, but it gets blown out of portion because others have gotten involved. By going to the person directly, all the extra issues can be eliminated.

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It even makes the issue easier to resolve. Family members play a huge role in how a person reacts to conflict, because they are the first people we learn from. They set the foundation.

The Struggles of Growing Up Renowned English professor Gerald Graff reflects on the challenges and expectations placed upon him by his parents, as well as his community whilst growing up. Part of growing up is going though changes in your behavior and appearance. There are multiple differences we face from early childhood to being a young adult. Not everything has to change with age.

Although I have changed since I was a child, being a selective of what I eat, being organized, and helping others has remained the same.

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People all grow up in different places, around different people, under different circumstance and, all of these cause different effects on their lives. How can a parent tell how risky it is? How activist in a child's school community should a parent be about student online activities in which her child is involved — how does it affect the child? At one point Evan, the mother, tells Frontline that when her son is social networking he's "edgy. Or maybe having Mom constantly breaking in on his online conversations — in the kitchen, where she requires him to be when he's online — is what makes him edgy.

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Small questions to us, maybe, but not so small to teens. No clear answer to any of these questions is put forth in this documentary. There isn't one.

A single solution — a sort of "pill" for teens' online safety — would be like a pill for risk-free adolescence. The answers and solutions change with each child and family and change as each child matures. And pediatricians tell us we can't and shouldn't try to remove all risk from their lives, since the risk assessment is how they develop their prefrontal cortexes, the impulse-control, "executive" part of their brains that isn't fully developed until their early 20s.

The program has a few gratuitous dramatic elements — the music, the almost cliche sonorous narrator's voice. But the stories it tells are representative of the complex challenge, and the questions it raises are essential to a progressive public discussion that moves from fear to rational thought and folds in all the forms of expertise we've always called upon for healthy adolescent development — not just that of law enforcement, the Internet industry, and online-safety advocacy, but also the expertise of parents, educators, child psychologists, researchers, social workers, and teens themselves.

Talk about these issues in our forum and tell your friends, your kids, and their friends to come too. Let's keep the discussion going!

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I also wanted to see some positive examples of how teens are using the internet to create social change, show off their creativity or launch their own businesses…. Frontline should turn this into a series! Tech educator Doug Johnson in Minnesota has a thoughtful post about this in his blog: "Engage or entertain? You must be logged in to post a comment.

Growing up online essay
Growing up online essay
Growing up online essay
Growing up online essay
Growing up online essay
Growing up online essay
Growing up online essay

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