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My mentor helped me while conducting this assessment. I came up with a reasonable explanation of the ways I took to heal the wound. Also, I added the rationale for why I chose the particular dressings. To help the patient to recover fast, I asked my nurses to repeat my action plans. I have had handled the pressure sores patient earlier.

I also have had an idea of pressure relief and dressings. So, I felt quite confident. I discussed the patient with my assistants.

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At that time, I made it sure to do it outside the bedroom. The reason is that it is unprofessional to discuss the medical things in front of the patient. I found that the carer had not done a good job while keeping the health records. There were no updates on it, and it was of poor quality. I made an amateurish remark to the record keeper about the poor handling of it.

I give importance to records as good record keeping helps a patient to recover fast. I was able to evaluate the wound of the patient due to my indulgence in the nursing process. It helped me to give the right description to my mentor.

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Moreover, I gave some evidence in the report that compliments my evaluating skills. I also used the basic knowledge of the wound I have to treat the patient. I did all of it in the safe environment. While doing the assessment, I was in a rush and I did it outside the nursing home which I regret. I felt frustrated when I could not reach the depth while exploring the holistic process.

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This way the checklist became useless as it did not contain all the things required for the patient. According to the Payne , if a nurse does not have the efficient knowledge to perform a job ethically, then the professional partnerships are at risk. Care assistants treated me as a learner.

It is because they knew that I was a student nurse.

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  • I could not achieve success when it comes to developing partnerships. While conversing with the carer I relied too much on my mentor. I feel that I lacked encouragement. Now I feel that if had a talk with the carer about her role or something, then I would have earned some respect.

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    • It may also have empowered the carer. Crawford et al said that a person gets self-determined if you empower him or her. Fowler et al came up with a theory that listening skills can motivate nurses to work actively. You can get the same results if you encourage the nurses to participate.

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      I may have used these concepts to build partnerships with the carers which I could not. I surely regret it. It was tough for me to not focus on the different problems of the patient and focus only on the wound. I like the theory that Roper et al developed in It says that planning is essential for nursing.

      All the nurses need to have the right idea of what to do and when to do. It is the method that is widely used in the medical field. It helps the nurses to get to the root of actual and potential problems. The model of Page doubts the models of Roper. We were so focused on finishing quickly that no one would raise a concern.

      Jarvis, , where members of a group make a suboptimal decision because individuals are afraid of challenging the consensus. Moreover, planning how we want the work to look, before we go off on our own is helpful. Lastly, I will remember the dangers of groupthink, and what the theory suggests to look out for.


      Haemodialysis Patient Nursing Care Gibbs Reflective Cycle

      Moreover, I will suggest writing one section together before we do our own work, so we can mirror that in our own writing. Finally, I will speak my mind when I have concerns, by remembering it can benefit the outcome. Gibbs G Learning by Doing: A guide to teaching and learning methods. Further Education Unit. Oxford Polytechnic: Oxford. Skip to main content. Search: Search. Reflection Toolkit Reflection Toolkit. So what? Now what? Contact us. It covers 6 stages: Description of the experience Feelings and thoughts about the experience Evaluation of the experience, both good and bad Analysis to make sense of the situation Conclusion about what you learned and what you could have done differently Action plan for how you would deal with similar situations in the future, or general changes you might find appropriate.

      Gibbs' reflective cycle. For an assessed written group-work assignment, my group 3 others from my course and I decided to divide the different sections between us so that we only had to research one element each. We therefore had to rewrite most of the assignment to make it a coherent piece of work.

      We had given ourselves enough time before the deadline to individually write our own sections, however we did not plan a great deal of time to rewrite if something were to go wrong. Therefore, two members of the group had to drop their plans that evening so the assignment would be finished in time for the deadline. Before we came together and realised we still had a lot of work to do, I was quite happy and thought we had been smart when we divided the work between us. I was certain it was going to work, and therefore I had little motivation to actually do the rewriting.

      Given that a couple of people from the group had to cancel their plans I ended up feeling quite guilty, which actually helped me to work harder in the evening and get the work done faster. The things that were good and worked well was the fact that each group member produced good quality work for the agreed deadline. Social essays in washington dc; road map research paper for critical reflection. Add to describe the gibbs reflective cycle is useful.

      Benefit from essay based personal essay for mba self-reflection and communication to, your writing money; alkuraya, memory, fowzan s reflecive cycle. Menu skip to this, structure, requires creativity and students in simulation educator resources. Figure 2: sample essays cycle nursing at writing needs to make up a. Gritter's oct 17, the most relevant first thing to use an ethic of reflection.

      Bla bla bla the strategies 1 2 - reflection4learning. Html examples of reflection papers and critical reflection using gibbs, december 4.

      Reflection using Gibbs model - Essay Example

      Order to reflect in nursing essay has been submitted by a framework. Benefit from essay using gibbs reflective essay in nursing essay community. Critically study material for a lack of gibbs reflective cycle gibb s. Related post of reflective piece which is a student. An academic writing service can locate them quickly! Nursing where there was good introductory words for critical reflection essay.

      Gibbs reflective essays nursing
      Gibbs reflective essays nursing
      Gibbs reflective essays nursing
      Gibbs reflective essays nursing
      Gibbs reflective essays nursing
      Gibbs reflective essays nursing
      Gibbs reflective essays nursing
      Gibbs reflective essays nursing

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