Writing msc thesis proposal

What is Expected in a PhD Thesis Proposal

A literature review will provide you with information about what has already been published on your topic and help you identify gaps in earlier research. This can help you figure out where more research is needed. It can also show you how your thesis will fit into work already conducted in your field. Find the strengths and weaknesses in earlier studies that can be improved by your thesis. Reviewing previous literature will help you figure out the potential significance of your thesis.

Writing a Research Proposal

For example, you will want to start by looking for other works on Turgenev and Tolstoy as well as works that discuss the portrayal of children in 19th century Russian literature. Method 2. Choose what the main sections of your proposal will address. Knowing how a proposal is structured and what it should contain will help you outline yours. Find out if there are obligatory sections required for a proposal in your field. Your supervisor or committee might also ask you to include specific sections in your proposal.

Generally, a thesis proposal has an introduction, an abstract, a literature review, a discussion about methodology and theory, a timeline, and a bibliography. Depending on your field, you may also present preliminary data and include appendices. Create subtopics for each main section. Break down each main section into more specific subtopics. Include as many details as you can.

This level of detail will make it easier to plug in information while you are writing the proposal. This is just to get you started. For example, subtopics in the methodology section can include: Specific novels or stories you will focus on. Why you believe Turgenev and Tolstoy should be examined together. How you will approach different genres.

Add other information you will need in your final proposal. Your final proposal will require a bibliography, so put endnotes in your outline. You will also need to submit a timeline. Prepare for this by including notes on the outline about how and when you will accomplish each section. This level of detail will save you time when writing the proposal. You can also come up with a preliminary list of chapters. Method 3.

Provide an introduction. Start with an introduction to your work. Discuss the significance of the problem you will address in your thesis and what it will contribute to the field. In your introduction, also state your research objectives and the questions you plan to address. While there are many studies about portrayals of women and peasants in their novels, there is much less scholarship about how children are depicted. Present your literature review. Write out the information you learned during your initial review.

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First, summarize the important information you found in your sources. Next, present an analysis of that information and how it impacts the work you intend to do in your thesis. Discuss any works you will use in your research. Describe your theoretical approach and methodology. Discuss your theoretical approach and the methodologies you will use to conduct your research. This can be one or two sections of the proposal. Talk about any initial data you have collected and your early ideas about the implications of your findings. Address any possible concerns the committee might have with your methods and explain why you chose those methods.

This is where you should include information about working with human subjects or other data collection that might require additional permissions. Information and discussion about initial data can be a separate section. Include your timeline. Your proposal should clearly spell out the timeline you outlined. Qualitative research starts an investigation with a concept. Quantitative research approaches use the hypothesis as the frame for the methodology. Here, you will have an appropriate framework and variables considered.

In both approaches, the main research question is the basis for the hypotheses and objectives of the research.


Hypotheses can be developed from the research questions. Designing a hypothesis is supported by a good research question and will influence the type of research design for the study. The development of the research objective can be done after the development of the research questions or hypothesis. This should be applied all throughout your paper. See Citations and References — The APA Style Guide for a guide to acknowledging the works of other authors when incorporating their ideas into your writing.

The Literature Review. In this chapter and in the succeeding chapters of your thesis or dissertation , you need to write an introductory paragraph or paragraphs that show the following:. The second part is the Body. The following are some elements that can be included in the second part of the Literature Review chapter. Discuss with your adviser to finalize the sections and sub-headings.

The last part is the Chapter Summary. Summarize the important aspects of the existing body of literature. Assess the current state of the literature reviewed. It should be well-developed in order to obtain all the information required to answer your research questions, test a theory or explain a situation relevant to the main aim of the research. Start this chapter with a short introduction to your research design. In this section, the research questions, hypotheses and objectives must be presented. An overview of the research approach, and the techniques and measurements that will be used to analyze data are also included in the introduction.

The next part of this chapter, or the Body, consists of some or all sections shown below. Each section should be described and explained in detail. Discuss with your adviser for additional sections and sub-headings for each section or a more appropriate structure. The last section is the Chapter Summary. The Final Chapters of your Thesis. At this stage, you have already collected as much data as you can and are ready to process and analyze such a huge amount of information.

How to Write a Dissertation Introduction

However, expect a lot of changes in your process, methods and chapters. These changes can come from your research adviser, too. The first step you need to do is to revisit the first three chapters of your thesis. Here, you would need to make the necessary corrections to some of the sections presented during the proposal stage. For example, you might have to fine-tune your research questions and objectives based on the data you have gathered or what you have found during the research process.

The Scope and Limitations of the Study section in Chapter 1 would now have to be included in Chapter 3.


Another section, Organization of the Study, must be added in Chapter 1. Check the figure below for the main parts of a thesis. Variations from the general format can be decided with your adviser. Figure 1: Main parts of a thesis or dissertation. If this chapter is generally brief, presenting the results, and explaining and interpreting them can be combined in one chapter. Otherwise, the Results and Discussion section should be in separate or defined sections or chapters. Start with a brief introduction of this chapter.

Results : answers to the research questions which are generated from the collected data. Your opinion should not be included when presenting the results. Descriptive or frequency statistical results of all variables must be reported first before specific statistical tests e. For instance, the profile of participants or respondents, or characteristics of the sample is presented first if available.

Specific quotes from interviews must be presented under a specific theme or sub-theme in the same way results from focus group discussions are reported.

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When reporting results from observations, present the conversation, behavior or condition you have noticed first. Then, write your comments. Discussion : explains the meaning of the results presented in specific sections and links them to previous research studies. It explains why the findings are weak, strong or significant, and their limitations.

A further review of the literature might be required to enhance the discussion of results. End each chapter with a summary. Introduce this chapter. First, refer back to the problem or topic that you have presented in Chapter 1 and what you hoped to achieve at the beginning of the research.

A Guide To Writing A Dissertation Proposal In Accounting And Finance

The research questions you tried to answer must also be reviewed in this chapter as well as your hypotheses, if applicable. It is important to also reexamine the methodology followed in the research and show how the objectives were achieved or were not achieved with the application of different methods and techniques. End this chapter with some reflections and final words. When all the chapters have been finalized, you are now ready to prepare the abstract. It is written in the form of a summary, describing briefly the research problem, the aims of the research, the methods used to achieve them, and the main findings and conclusions.

Although the abstract is very short approximately paragraphs , it can be considered as the most significant part of your thesis or dissertation. The abstract provides a general impression of what your research is about, and allows other researchers to have a broad understanding of your work. When applying for conferences, your abstract is assessed by an organizing committee for relevance and quality. Make sure to create an impact—write an impressive abstract.

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writing msc thesis proposal Writing msc thesis proposal
writing msc thesis proposal Writing msc thesis proposal
writing msc thesis proposal Writing msc thesis proposal
writing msc thesis proposal Writing msc thesis proposal
writing msc thesis proposal Writing msc thesis proposal

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