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All the classes are different, and I learn something from each one of them. I have never looked back, have no regrets, and I'm sure I never well!

Learn about the benefits of our martial arts training for:

My daughter, Kenzie, has just signed up for camp this year. She is five years old. From the moment you walk in the door you are met with smiling, friendly, and respectful staff. I am proud to say that my "shy in front of others" child is blossoming in this well rounded environment. She asks to go back day after day. I have also seen her manners and respect towards others improve too.

Thank you for helping her become more well rounded. Perseverance, dedication, and respect are all words that characterize Next Step! Not only does the staff at Next Step possess these qualities, they instill them in their students through engaging activities and self-defense techniques. Master Jay has devoted his life to his passion of teaching Tae Kwon Do! His perseverance to follow his dream and his dedication to his students are beyond what you will find anywhere else!

My daughter has finally become old enough to attend summer camp, and within the first week, she was coming home and explaining to her father and me about a concept of respect that she was taught!

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She thoroughly enjoys her time at Nextstep, and I am pleased because she is learning about qualities that we just don't see in everyday society anymore! I know that we will continue to see her skills transform and her respect towards others increase! These are life skills that all kids should be taught! Thank you, Master Jay and staff! Next step is great. I signed my two young girls up last October, both a bit reluctant to try it, but after just one class they were hooked and have consistently enjoyed both the curriculum and the wonderful teachers and staff since. Great extra activities, family oriented, and just a fantastic place to take the girls to.

I signed my five year old up for Taekwondo classes. We were immediately impressed with the responsiveness of the instructors. To acclimate the children before they start, they have private lessons with each instructor. This helped ease my son's nervousness when he started a group class the next week.

All instructors know my son by name and have an amazing way of interacting with the children. Master Jay, Cameron, George and Will are all very patient and have helped boost my son's confidence. One time I accidentally mixed up the class schedule and arrived at the studio when no class was in session. Master Will graciously offered a private minute lesson for my son even though it was my mistake and we were not expecting such a generous offer.

Their flexible class schedules also make it very easy to find times to get to class each week. We love Next Step!


I don't know where to begin to say how much I love this place. I started out just coming to taekwondo classes for excercise on my weight loss journey 95 pounds now.

Elise Knowles

I think I was at a 45 loss when I started! Anyhow it then became something else for me, more than just excercise. My husband says at the age of 50 I'm like a caterpillar blooming. And I felt a profound sense of humility.

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Humble, and stripped-down from any pretentions, that very moment the connection between philosophy and the martial arts, the unification of mind and body and how we can become better persons through the practice of the martial arts became clear, as it was personified in the GrandMaster himself. Make no mistake. The primary reason of the martial arts is fighting. And it is through fighting that we find answers and uncover our hidden self.

What It Means To Be A Black Belt | Tigon Martial Arts

But without an acute sense of what is right and what is wrong, anyone who has learned the techniques of hurting others will hurt others with no discrimination. Such a person cannot be trusted, will be alienated and consequently will eventually self-destruct. The salvation lies in distinguishing between right and wrong. But what can possibly teach us what is right and what is wrong, help us achieve balance and become better persons through the practice of the martial arts?

It is what makes the unification of mind and body possible. The mind is the voice of reason, which can protect even a technically advanced practitioner from self-destruction. So, three years later and I still feel that becoming a Black Belt means the world to me. Click to enlarge.

Sparring with my training partner Rob Skrepnek.

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I am on the far right. Congratulations, Al! I wanted to thank you for putting into words the true depth and growth you experienced during the meditation and process, but most deeply from the connection and learning with Grandmaster Kim. The process is a profound one and so often difficult to verbalize and share. Enjoy the rest of the journey. Thank you for your comments, Kim. He knows. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

essays on becoming a black belt Essays on becoming a black belt
essays on becoming a black belt Essays on becoming a black belt
essays on becoming a black belt Essays on becoming a black belt
essays on becoming a black belt Essays on becoming a black belt
essays on becoming a black belt Essays on becoming a black belt

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