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What is City Research Online? When and how can I request a deposit waiver or an embargo period? Redacting copyrighted material and other sensitive information What are the benefits of adding my thesis to City Research Online? Elements Help and Support. For all theses. Which version of my thesis should I submit? Embargo Periods In some circumstances, an embargo period can be requested. These circumstances include: The thesis is intended to be turned into published material such as a book, monograph, article or book chapter The thesis has been written as the result of commercial sponsorship, and contains sensitive information that should not be released until an agreed date The standard embargo period is three years from the date your PhD was awarded.

Deposit Waiver In some circumstances, where an embargo is not sufficient, an open access deposit waiver can be requested. These circumstances include: The thesis has been written as the result of commercial sponsorship, and contains sensitive information that is never to be released The thesis contains so much third party copyrighted material or personal data that redacting this material and then making it available would make it meaningless.

Waivers to deposit are granted by the Director of Library Services. Redacting copyrighted material and other sensitive information The University takes good stewardship of its research seriously, particularly when that research contains information that might be inappropriate for open release on the web.

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Many theses submitted for examination contain such material - it can include: Theses containing Third Party Copyright material, ie. Examples can include: musical scores, reproductions of large amounts of copyrighted text, and graphical images including photographs and figures. Commercially sensitive material, for example information or data arising from an industrially-sponsored studentship. Sensitive personal data, for example clinical findings. These need not even be personally identifiable if the context gives an indication of their possible identity. What are the benefits of adding my thesis to City Research Online?

To allow anyone to access it. This means theses are accessed, read, and built upon by people outside of traditional UK higher education circles, as well as more widely disseminated to those within UK HE. To increase its visibility. Theses placed in repositories such as City Research Online have high rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing and Google Scholar, meaning your work gets found more often and more easily. Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City, Universtiy of London. Abdi, M. Multi-electrode stimulation and measurement patterns versus prior information of fast 3D EIT.

Unpublished Masters thesis, City, University of London. Abdullah, A. Abramowski, Anna A complex relationship with food. Abro, F. Investigating Android permissions and intents for malware detection. Absalom, G. Acar, E. Economic evaluation of financial forecasting. Acosta Ortiz, A. Other-regarding preferences and the decision behaviour of autistic people in the Ultimatum Game.

Adams, Felicity Paradox and play: A study of therapeutic humour and psychosis. Adams, John W. Adams, N. Race and local governance : theoretical reflections and examination of two case studies in the United Kingdom and South Africa: or who said we weren't interested in justice, equality, democracy and freedom?

Adamsky, Florian Analysis of bandwidth attacks in a bittorrent swarm. Ade-Serrano, Y. Adegbite, E. The determinants of good corporate governance: The case of Nigeria. Unpublished Doctoral thesis, Cass Business School. Adekanye, F. Commercial bank performance in a developing country : a case study of Nigeria. Adriano Moran, Juan The reality of home remote patient monitoring: A thesis on the nature, dynamics and effects of telehealth. Afshar, A.

The effect of corporate divestment on shareholder wealth: the UK experience. Agamah, Simon Evolutionary combinatorial optimisation for energy storage scheduling, and web-based power systems analysis using PHP. Agarwal, R. The role of optometry in the delivery of eye health care in the European Union.

Ahmadi, R. Stochastic modelling and maintenance optimization of systems subject to deterioration. Airey, C. Ajates Gonzalez, R. Agricultural cooperatives: promoting or hindering fairer and more sustainable food systems? The case of Spain and the UK. Akhter, Kalsoom Akinerdem, Zeyneb Feyza Marriage safe and sound: subjectivity, embodiment and movement in the production space of television in Turkey.

Akrivos, Dimitrios Framing youth suicide in a multi-mediated world: the construction of the Bridgend problem in the British national press. Al Arif, S. Fully automatic image analysis framework for cervical vertebra in X-ray images. Al Ashaikh, R. Al-Bannay, A. Perceptions among accountants, auditors and users of IAS in preparing annual accounts: the case of Kuwait.

Al-Daragi, A. Tensions between didacticism, entertainment and translatorial practices: deletion and omission in the Arabic translations of Harry Potter. Al-Hajeri, K. Standardisation of accounting practices in the developing countries : the case of Kuwait.

Al-Kadi, Khulud Telecare for managing diabetes in Saudi Arabia. Al-Malki, Dana Mohammed Development of virtual network computing VNC environment for networking and enhancing user experience. Al-Mohammed, H. I Al-Mousawi, M. Transient flexural wave propagation in beams with discontinuities of cross section.

Unpublished Doctoral thesis, The City University. AlKadhi, Aseel Assessing early sociocognitive and language skills in young Saudi children. Alabdali, Ohoud Measuring the development of Saudi Arabia as an information society. Albanis, G. Financial prediction using non linear classification techniques. Aldrovandi, Silvio Memory and Judgment Bias in Retrospective Evaluations.

Alessandretti, L. Individual mobility in context: from high resolution trajectories to social behaviour. Alevizos, C. Alexander, B. The role of shame in psychopathology and implications for therapeutic practice. Alhakim, J. Exploring the experience of anxiety after completing a mindfulness based stress reduction course. Ali, Henna Ali, S. The impact of computer technology on accounting and auditing in the Middle East with special emphasis on Arabisation, transfer of technology and training. Alissa, R. Differential aspects of spatial vision in subjects presenting with either macular degeneration or visual snow.

Alizadeh-Masoodian, A. Aljaffary, A. Allen, H. Chartism in the foreign exchange market. Aloneftis, R. Discursive strategies in negotiating the voice hearing identity; a critical discursive approach. Altaweli, Roa Interventions during the second stage of labour: an exploration of what may affect their use in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Althani, A. Corporate governance challenges accompanying the privatisation of public education in Qatar. Altmann, A. A statistical approach to sports betting. Alzahrani, S.

Uncertainty and utilitarian moral decision-making. Amro, Raed Expert patient programme for recently diagnosed patients with chronic open angle glaucoma COAG. Anagnostopoulou, S. Anastassopoulou, N. Credit risk measurement and modelling. Anderson, Elizabeth Materials, meaning and metaphor: Unveiling spatio-temporal pertinences in acousmatic music. Andersson, Neil Uncertainties in gender violence epidemiology.

Ando, Taku Kinesthetic Imagery and Choreographic Praxis. Andriosopoulos, D. Andriosopoulos, K. Modelling spot prices, risk management, and investment strategies for the energy markets. Andriotis, Adamantios Ang, C. Social interactions of computer games : an activity framework. Anim-Odame, W. Anns, S. The role of declarative memory in the acquisition of conceptual semantic knowledge in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Anstey, K. The nurse's role in promoting the involvement of older patients and informal carers in the assessment of their individual continuing health and social care needs. Antonopoulos, Spyridon Antzakas, K. Aspects of morphology and syntax of negation in Greek sign language. Apostolopoulos, C. Risk assessment for change management within project management: a hierarchical model process approach. Apostolopoulou, Angelika Aquino, M. Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City, university of London.

Arauner, A. The impact of international cross-listing on the cost of capital. Aristidou, A. Market microstructure issues related to the Greek capital market. Aristopoulos, M. A portfolio of recombinant compositions for the videogame Apotheon. Aristovich, E. Aristovich, Kirill Arkoulis, Angelos George Important factors for shipping companies in raising funds in the equity and high yield bond public capital markets. Armakolas, I. Cavitation erosion fracture mechanisms and their detection in ship rudders. Armstrong, J. Food security policy in Lao PDR: an analysis of policy narratives in use.

Armstrong, Keith Bernard The selection of adhesives and composite matrix resins for aircraft repairs. Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University, London. Arnold, P. Arnold, Sarah J. Interpersonal relationships and psychological well-being: insights from therapeutic practice, scholarship and research. Arunkumar, S. Preserving Privacy in Mobile Environments. Arutyunyan, K. Better understanding of the nature of empathy: interaction of empathy, attachment styles, narcissism, dogmatism, anxiety, and emotion regulation in people of helping professions.

Arvanitis, D. Collaboration and contract management in the context of offshore oil and gas contracts - an English law analysis. Asa'ad, Y. The Arab Gulf development funds: an analysis of their legal structure and operations. Asad, M. Efficient hand orientation and pose estimation for uncalibrated cameras. Aschoff, Rafael Roque Ashburner, C. Person-centered care : using systemic and psychodynamically informed action research. Ashford, M. An examination of the necessity and feasibility of web-based treatments for postpartum anxiety.

Ashley, S. Business performance measurement : a soft systemic approach. Asif, W. Critical Node Identifcation for accessing network vulnerability, a necessary consideration. Asteriou, D. Essays on economic growth: convergence, financial development, education and uncertainty. Aujla, Imogen Commitment, adherence and dropout among young talented dancers: A multidisciplinary mixed methods investigation. Austen, Clare Eclectic and Integrative Approaches in Psychotherapy.

Auvinen, T. Unmanageable opera? Avis, T. Authenticity: How do counselling psychologists know who their clients really are? Awdeh, A. Banking in Lebanon : an empirical investigation of performance, capitalisation and mergers. Ayerman, Farah A Synthetic Approach to Antiprogestational Steroids. Ayub, N. Fair relay selection in wireless rural networks using game theory. Azabi, Y. Spiral photonic crystal fibers. Aziz, Rashid Babazadehrokni, H. Thermo-physical property models for well-characterized hydrocarbon mixtures and fuels and effect of composition on fluid properties up to 4, bar.

Backer Dirks, T. On the controllability of saturating crossflow vortices. Badalamenti, C. Badawood, D. Badawood, Donia Narrative construction in information visualisation. Badu-Poku, B. Unfolding through the web of recovery. Wealthy investors and financial advisors perceptual variations, portfolio recommendations and gender differences.

Bailie, J. Transcribing Reality: how the nature of audio and visual media have affected culture, perception, and the role of the artist. Bains, K. Addressing health inequalities in disadvantaged groups using health psychology theory and evidence. Bajaj, Rina Kaur An exploration of the impact of external experiences upon the evolving sense of self.

MPhil/PhD theses

Bakhru, A. Competitive advantage in new markets: the case of on-line business. Balasuriya, J. Ball, C. Legitimate influence: the key to advanced nursing practice in adult critical care. Ball, L. Attempted suicide in the family: the siblings' experience. Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University.

Banerjee, A. How to choose what to do? Essays on adoption of organisational routines. Banerjee, J. Advances in structural dynamics, aeroelasticity and material science. Banjo, Elizabeth Representation theory of algebras related to the partition algebra. Bannon, Alisha Early trauma and the developing mind. Banti, Chiara Essays in FX market microstructure. Barakat, M. The legality of the use of force against Iraq in Barley, C. Barnard, N. A quantitative analysis of eye movement characteristics during the cover test. Barque-Duran, A. Dissertations on decision-making: similarity, constructive judgements, morality and social dilemmas.

Barry, J. Exploration of biological causes of psychological problems in polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS. Bas, Tugba Capital structure and debt maturity choices of firms in developing countries. Basaru, R. Robust hand pose recognition from stereoscopic capture. Baxter, J. Listening to women after birth: their perceptions of postnatal support and the potential value of having a postnatal debriefing session with a midwife. Bazgir, Ahmad The behaviour of steel fibre reinforced concrete material and its effect on impact resistance of slabs.

Unpublished Masters thesis, City University London. Beckett, Ian Beecham, R. Understanding cycling behaviour through visual analysis of a large-scale observational dataset. Begaj Qerimi, L. Geotechnical centrifuge model testing for pile foundation re-use. Begum, S. The experiences of people who chew khat and the health care professionals who support them to stop. Behbahani, Peyman Behn, N. Communication and quality of life outcomes in people with acquired brain injury following project-based treatment.

Bell, Jonathan Audio-scores, a resource for composition and computer-aided performance. Belschner, J. Scheduling heuristic for reduced complexity of coordinated beamforming in large multi-carrier heterogeneous wireless networks. Ben Slimane, M. The participation of Arab members of the World Trade Organisation in the decision-making and dispute settlement systems.

Benito Ruiz, E. Asset encumbrance, size distribution and liquidity provision: Three essays on banking. Bentham, Mandy The global politics of illicit-drug control. Beqiri, Z.

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Essays on banking in developing countries. Bergamelli, Michele Structural breaks and outliers detection in time-series econometrics: Methods and applications. Bergeron, M. Structured polyphonic patterns. Bergin, Ciara Improving measurements in perimetry for glaucoma. Bergougnoux, T. Berguno, G. Interpersonal influences on young children's understanding of mind. Berkeley, A. Minding the bladder: individuals' experiences of adjustment to chronic pain following successful sacral neuromodulation. Bernardi, Francesco Bernardi, M. The relationship between executive functions and motor coordination: longitudinal impact on academic achievement and language.

PhD (doctoral) theses | Goldsmiths, University of London

Berneri, Chiara The movement and residence rights of third country national family members of EU citizens: a historical and jurisprudential approach. Bertin, C. Information systems implementation and IT-enabled organisational change in the Eastern Caribbean tourism sector : an examination of factors impacting on the successful adoption and use of the Internet and web-based systems in national tourist offices and the Caribbean Tourism Organisation. Bertolini, Lorenzo Trading foreign exchange carry portfolios. Besar, Dwityapoetra Soeyasa Bessa, Ioulia Best, Claudine Bexley, Kate Improving access to psychological therapy for people with learning disabilities from services users' and clinicians' perspectives: An action research approach.

Bezerianos, George Bhanji, Salena A qualitative exploration into the personal and professional experiences of having a long-term, daily practice of informal mindfulness for third wave therapists. Bhatt, Hatel Mahendra Bhattacharyya, Kaustav Communities of Practice facilitating learning and innovation in the Indian Administrative Services - A qualitative investigative study.

Bhavnani, Reena Identity, women managers and social change: Comparing Singapore and Britain. Bhogal, Jagdev Investigating ontology based query expansion using a probabilistic retrieval model. Bhunnoo, S. What can a sonic assemblage do? A biopsychosocial approach to post-acousmatic composition.

Bi, Wei New objective and psychophysical techniques to study the processing of visual signals with emphasis on chromatic afterimages. Bianchini, D. Entanglement entropy in integrable quantum systems. Bickerton, Jane E. Videos of communication in primary care: a study exploring nurse practitioner and patient consultations in a Walk-in centre. Bigg, T.

The impact of civil society networks on the global politics of sustainable development. Bignozzi, Valeria Contributions to solvency risk measurement. Billing, S. Bacewicz : the violin concertos. Biotti, F. Understanding the cognitive mechanisms of developmental prosopagnosia. Birkett, Gemma Media, politics and penal reform: the problem of women's imprisonment.

Bistaraki, A. Interagency collaboration in mass gatherings: the case of public health and safety organisations in the London Olympic Games. Bland, Cassandra Influence of negative affect on false memory production. Bleisch, S. Evaluating the appropriateness of visually combining quantitative data representations with 3D desktop virtual environments using mixed methods. Bleshoy, H.

Neuropathology and sensitivity in the keratoconic cornea. Blue, A. Bogdanova, Mariana The map defines the territory: Remodelling NGO partnerships for knowledge translation in transition contexts. Bogle, V. Randomised controlled trial to test the efficacy of motivational interviewing and implementation intentions for a physical activity referral scheme. Bohrer, J. Intonational strategies in ensemble singing.

Bond, Leonard John Surface cracks in metals and their characteristics using Rayleigh waves. Bond, S. Aircraft system safety : a new approach to assessing in-service performance. Boodhna, T. Trends and health economic aspects of service delivery of glaucoma. Booth, P. The analysis of real estate in a finance and actuarial framework. Bora, Birce Representation of Turkey in the British print media: to be or not to be European. Borges, Rafael A neural-symbolic system for temporal reasoning with application to model verification and learning.

Borghi, R. Essays on liquidity commonality in equity markets. Borkum, S. The changing portrayal of migrants: from the political to the humanitarian. A case study of two migrants' rights organisations in Spain and Britain. Bostock, J. Bottomley, L. Boulter, C. Searching for wholeness in a fragmented world: a consideration of relational factors to self, others and beyond. Bounhiss, M. Bourgoin, Monique Antilinear deformations of Coxeter groups with application to Hamiltonian systems.

BPP University Thesis by Ruba Jafri

Bouye, E. Some applications of copulae to finance. Bouzianis, P Boysan, Zehra Attachment theory and therapeutic relationships. Bradding, Angela Bradley, S. Midwives' perspectives on the practice, impact and challenges of delivering respectful maternity care in Malawi. Brady, G. Braun, M. Brennan, Sheila Social anxiety: prevalence and processes. Breton, G. UK investment analyst reaction to window dressing of financial statements: a laboratory experiment. Brett, Caroline E. Applying health psychology in an academic environment. Brion, Marion Claire Brisson, Marc Brockbank, A. The role of reflective dialogue in transormational reflective learning.

Bromley, M. Making local news : journalism, culture and place. Brooke, H. Citizen or subject? Freedom of information and the informed citizen in a democracy. Brown, A. Information systems in organisations. The journey towards resilience following a traumatic birth: a grounded theory. Brown-Bennett, A-L. How do religious leaders experience the psychological distress of their congregation?

Brownell, A. Brutting, Milena Goodwill impairment: causes and impact. Bucar, M. Aesthetic negativity and choreographic practice. Buckney, D. Clearance management in twin screw compressors. Budidha, K. In vivo investigations of photoplethysmograms and arterial oxygen saturation from the auditory canal in conditions of compromised peripheral perfusion. Bueno Delgado, P Buffin, D. UK pesticides policy - a policy paradigm in transition? Bula, Agatha Kapatuka Influences of HIV on exclusive breastfeeding: an exploration of community-based peer support in rural Malawi.

Bullion, J. Tear film structure of the contact lens wearer. Bunning, K. Development of an 'individualised sensory environment' for adults with learning disabilities and an evaluation of its effects on their interactive behaviours. Bunten, A. The application of health psychology to public health. Burelomova, A. Experience of therapy following interpersonal trauma: a counselling psychology perspective. Burnham, Nicole Close and intimate relationships: understanding their importance and establishment through research and therapeutic practice.

Burrough, M. Can postoperative length of stay or discharge within five days of first time isolated coronary artery bypass graft surgery be predicted from preoperative patient variables? Burton, Peter John A model of the engineering design process. Bussone, A. Reflection and personal health informatics for people living with HIV. Butcher, A. Butkeviciute, D. Butler, M. A Discursive Psychology Analysis. Butt, Z. Cabrera-Espana, F. Analysis of the optical properties of texturing patterns for design of Si solar cells. Caims, D. Processing events : investigating event conceptualisation in aphasia.

Cajigas, J. Camilleri, Carl Essays on health outcomes and physician practice variation within a public single hospital: the case of Malta. Caminotto, G. Camm, E. M Campbell, D. An evaluation of patient engagement with diabetes out-patient services in an ethically diverse urban area in the UK. Camplin, G. Rediscovering the arcane science of ground handling large airships : an investigation into ways of reducing the risks inherent in the development of a new generation of very large airships and of establishing guidelines for their ground handling procedure.

Canga, P. Detention of minors in the United Kingdom and Turkey as an immigration policy: assessing the predictive value of human rights compliance theory. Cannon-Gibbs, S. Cantelmo, A.

Queen Mary Thesis

Essays on multi-sector macroeconomic models for policy analysis. Cantu-Delgado, J. An analysis of Total Quality Management implementation in Mexican large industry. Cao, Jie Creation of novel gold-nanorod-based localized surface plasmon resonance biosensors. Carmona, M. Variability of chromatic sensitivity: fundamental studies and clinical applications.

Carroll, E. Lifelong learning in the arts : policy and practice in Ireland. Carty, R. Strategic alliances in emerging markets: an investigation of the effects of culture and emerging market characteristics on the performance of acquisitions in Eastern Europe. Casaca Figueira, C. S Castillo-Rivera, Salvador Castle, Nicholas What airway and vascular access skills can be performed whilst wearing the NHS issued chemical, biological, radiation, and nuclear personal protective equipment?

Nonsemilinear one-dimensional PDEs: analysis of PT deformed models and numerical study of compactons. Doctoral thesis, City University London. Cavezzali, Elisa Essays on sell-side analyst industry. Cen, Jiaming Essays on international finance. Chadist, Patrapa Factors underlying companies response to supply chain disruption: a grounded theory approach. Chalk, Matty Psychotherapy with people with Asperger Syndrome; exploring ways to improve client and therapist well-being. Challenor, J. Chan, Ka Kei Theoretical essays on bank risk-taking and financial stability.

Chan, Pee Yuaw Software reliability prediction. Chan Yau Chung, John A novel electric power quality monitoring system for transient analysis. Chandrasekharan, G. Ontology driven clinical decision support for early diagnostic recommendations. Chang, B. Cultural change and identity shift in relation to cultural policy in post war Taiwan, with particular reference to theatre. Chanopoulou, M. Value creation through investments in Web-based systems within not-for-profit organisations: the case of two UK museums. Chanurai, A. A contingency theory of diversification : the case of diversification into the Thai telecommunications industry.

Chao, Che-Sheng Interactive TV and learning among pre-adolescents: an analysis of innovation, communication technologies and education.

Newcastle Theses

Chao, Y. Chaplin, J. A systems analysis of the employment problems of people with epilepsy. Chapman, B. Chapman, C. A portfolio of work on musicians of relevance to counselling psychology. Chapman, M. An investigation into the parental stress levels of families who have children with severe developmental disabilities using residential short breaks: a contributing factor of its stress reduction impact. Chapman-Jones, D. The Achilles tendon : an evaluation of the healing processes occuring with chronic pathology; using a prospective comparison study of conservative treatment regimes and micro-current application.

Chappell, K. Creativity within late primary age dance education: unlocking expert specialist dance teachers' conceptions and approaches. Chassin, L. In silico testing of glucose controllers : methodology and sample application. Chatterjee, S. Monte Carlo investigation of light-tissue interaction in photoplethysmography.

Chen, A. The impact of behavioral factors on annuitisation decisions and decumulation strategies. Chen, L.

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university of london thesis University of london thesis
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