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Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. It is awarded to a student whose graduate thesis "embodies the highest level of imaginative scholarship. The extension program offers open enrollment courses. To be eligible for admission to their degree granting program, students must "earn [their] way in" by taking three classes and earning a B or better in each. For adult, part-time learners, the Extension School is "very selective. Students are "presumed capable" but then must "prove that presumption with actual performance.

ALB students may graduate with the Latin honors, cum laude , but magna - and summa - cum laude are not offered. Many courses are offered online, but a degree cannot be earned entirely online. Students who wish to earn degrees must be formally admitted to the Extension School by the Admissions Committee. Admitted degree candidates are granted full privileges to Harvard's libraries, facilities, student resources, as well as access to Harvard's museums and academic workshops.

Undergraduate degree programs are based upon the curriculum for Harvard College students and are the academic equivalent of the College's AB degree; degree requirements include expository writing, quantitative reasoning, foreign language, moral reasoning, writing-intensive classes, and courses in the student's area of concentration.

The expository writing class is known as a "gatekeeper course" as it will typically "determine whether [students] are prepared for the intensive and demanding curriculum. Once admitted as an ALB degree candidate, students must successfully complete credits Harvard courses are typically 4 credits each and maintain good academic standing 3.

Upon admission into the ALB program, students may petition to transfer up to a maximum of 64 credits from other accredited post-secondary institutions, but 64 credits must be completed at Harvard University Extension School, Summer School, or the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Students must also select one of three 'areas of concentration' including: Sciences; Social Sciences; or Humanities.

Students must earn 40 credits with at least a B— in their areas of concentration. ALB degree candidates are also required to complete a minimum of 16 on-campus-only credits at Harvard; students must also complete a minimum of 12 credits in "Writing intensive" courses, and earn a minimum of 52 credits in courses that are taught by Harvard instructors.

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In addition to a concentration, degree candidates have the option to pursue one of twenty 'Fields of study', akin to a traditional major. In order to successfully complete a field of study, students must earn a B— or higher in 32 Harvard credits in one field, and maintain a B average in the field. Students may also complement their field of study with a maximum of one liberal arts minor.

Undergraduate degree programs require pre-admission courses as well as a formal application process. Students applying for degree candidacy must first complete three 4-credit liberal arts courses at Harvard Extension School, Summer School, or the Faculty of Arts and Sciences with at least a B grade in each, and maintain a minimum 3. One of these three pre-admission courses must be EXPO E, the equivalent of Harvard College's mandatory and "notoriously difficult" expository writing course. To enroll in this course, students must pass a placement test, which measures critical reading and writing skills.

Students failing to earn at least a B in a class can retake it once. Students who meet all these criteria are then eligible for admission in the Extension School's undergraduate degree programs. ALM candidates must complete 10 to 12 courses including a thesis or capstone project depending on their degree program, which must be crafted under the direction of an instructor or Harvard faculty member holding a teaching appointment in the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Generally, admission into a graduate degree program at Harvard Extension School requires a minimum of an accredited bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent , as well as completion of three pre-admission courses with grades of B or higher and a minimum of 3.

One of the three pre-admission courses must be the "Proseminar" course for the intended area of study, which is akin to a traditional research methods course, and prior to registering for a proseminar students must pass a qualification test to assess graduate-level critical reading and writing skills. Certain disciplines have other specified pre-admission coursework, while some have specific coursework that is required before submitting a master's thesis proposal e.

Students who meet these criteria are then eligible to submit an application for admission into the graduate degree programs. Once a student has met the three course requirement, he or she is then eligible to formally apply to the ALM program. Typically applicants must submit a completed application, proof of an accredited bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent plus transcripts, resume, two essays, and a nonrefundable application fee. Some programs require additional specific classes to be part of the initial three before formal admission. Students will be denied admission indefinitely if they fail to earn a grade of B after twice enrolling in the Proseminar course.

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Some programs have additional requirements, including specific pre-admission courses and supplemental application materials. For instance, the Literature and Creative writing candidates must submit original manuscripts. Beginning in the s, the university began providing additional facilities for Extension students. Study spaces, conferences rooms, library facilities, and a dining hall were set up in Lehman Hall for students in In addition, there was a television lounge were students could watch the WGBH programs.

Today, admitted degree candidates are granted access to Harvard's athletic facilities, dining services, on and off campus apartment housing, career services and student life organizations. Students have "nearly unfettered access to some of Harvard's most prized resources—world-renowned libraries, a distinguished faculty, and an impressive body of speakers. Established in , the HESA's mission is to build and maintain a sense of community among Extension students. In partnership with many other organizations on campus, HESA provides a variety of social activities, educational events, and forums that enrich student life and experience.

Alpha Sigma Lambda, a national honors society for nontraditional students, established the Phi Beta chapter in — The Harvard Extension School Pre-Health Society offers advising, events, and networking for students who wish to go to medical school or to pursue a career in the health care industry.

President Faust said that "the Extension School is a critical part of the University" and "students increasingly should come to see themselves as full-fledged members of not just an individual school but Harvard as a university. The graduating class of , the largest class to date, had students receiving degrees.

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Of them, the youngest was 16 and the oldest was 70 with an average age of Half take a single course, and half pursue a degree. The increase in online course offerings has fueled growth, and students from more than countries are enrolled. In there were 14, students, with the youngest in their early teens and the oldest in their late 80s.

There is often a span of 60 years between the oldest and youngest students, and students as young as 11 years old have taken courses alongside those old enough to be their parents or grandparents. Of the Certificate of Special Studies graduates that year, were international students hailing from 39 countries. In the early s there were students under the age of Most attended local high schools, but a growing number of them were home-schooled.

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Professor Paul Bamberg taught a class with both Extension and Harvard College students, and the top two students were from the Extension School, with the top student being a home-schooled teenager. Harvard Extension School accepts international students. To be admitted to courses or degrees, a student must prove proficiency in the English language.

International students must also meet the on-campus-only course requirements as outlined above. In —08, more than 2, international students and nearly 2, Harvard University employees were enrolled in classes. In , students came from countries and 46 states. Graduates also take part in the commencement ceremonies with all other schools of Harvard.

Extension School alumni have been admitted to all of the graduate schools at Harvard. Both the oldest and youngest graduates in the more than year history of Harvard University received their degrees from the Extension School. In Mary Fasano became the oldest undergraduate degree recipient, and in Thomas Small became the oldest student to ever earn a master's degree.

Both were in their 90th year. One of Small's classmates, Christopher Lohse, was selected to give the graduate commencement address. His speech, "The 10, Ghosts of Harvard", was a play on both the university's fight song and the fact that classes are taught after dark. In another ALM graduate gave the commencement address. Joseph R. Paolino, Jr. He went on to become Ambassador to Malta. In , one person had taken courses for 26 consecutive years. Two others that same year had been students for 24 years. The coat of arms for the Extension School was approved in At the top of the shield the three books spelling out Veritas Latin for "truth" represent graduate education, as the same device is found on the arms of the other graduate schools.

Instead of a straight line separating it from the rest of the shield, as is found in the other schools, a line with six arcs pointing up was used instead. A silver chevron was used to represent undergraduate education, a device used in the shield of Harvard College in the 17th to 19th centuries. Two bushels of wheat are included to represent John Lowell's stipulation that courses should not cost more than two bushels of wheat. A golden lamp is included to represent both learning and the fact that classes are taught at night. Puneet Varma Editor I am a dreamer who dreams of a world full of good people helping eachother.

Updated on Apr 14, Like Comment Share. Contents Harvard extension school information session Harvard extension school information session History Degree development Deans Academics Accreditation and partnerships Pre medical program Contemporary Awards and honors Academic degrees Bachelor of Liberal Arts Undergraduate admissions Master of Liberal Arts Graduate admissions Student life Student demographics Alumni Notable alumni Coat of arms References The school also has a long history of offering professional and distance education, and provides a variety of amenities and opportunities to students and degree earning alumni.

Harvard extension school information session History Founded in by President A. Pre-medical program A pre-med program was established at the Extension School in History Harvard Extension was a pioneer in distance education. Contemporary As of , distance-learning courses at Harvard Extension School are offered in two formats: asynchronous video courses lectures are recorded and uploaded within 24 hours of on-campus class meetings ; and live web-conference courses courses are streamed live, and typically allow for synchronous participation from students via a secondary online platform.

Awards and honors The Dean's Prize for Outstanding Master of Liberal Arts thesis is awarded during commencement ceremonies, and includes a medal, a certificate, and a monetary award. The Santo J. Aurelio Prize, named for Santo J. Aurelio—complete their academic work with distinction after age They consist of a cash prize along with a citation and a medal given to two graduating Extension School students. The award recognizes creative initiatives in community service or long-standing records of civic achievement.

The Annamae and Allan R. Crite prizes are awarded for a mother and son who are Extension School alumni. Annamae faithfully attended Extension courses for more than 50 years. Allan, who is widely recognized as the dean of African-American artists in the Greater Boston area, received a bachelor's degree in The prize is awarded to Extension School degree recipients who demonstrate "singular dedication to learning and the arts".

The Klein Family History Prize recognizes the thesis in the field of history that represents superior achievement in historical scholarship. The Harold Langlois Award recognizes a Certificate of Special Studies graduate who has demonstrated exceptional academic accomplishment and promise as a manager.

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